Foam Massager Roller Vibrating Electric Foam Roller, Rechargeable (4-Speed )

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Feeling a bit tender after gym run or just injured our vibrating electric foam roller is the real deal......

Product description

* Features:

Lightweight, environmentally Expanded polypropylene housing for a soft, vibration-transmitting effect.

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries use more than 2 hours per charge.

Choose low intensity, medium strength, and high intensity to apply different pressures to each muscle soreness and joint.

Can help relieve lower back, upper back, knee, IT belt, quadrilateral, hamstring and other muscle pain

* High-intensity vibration-vibration enhances the effectiveness of the foam roller on the muscles. Its powerful motor provides

high-penetration relief, gentle and effective to help muscle groups achieve effective indoor exercise, is the best indoor

massage exercise aids.

* Suitable for fitness, yoga, cycling, running, aerobic exercise or other improvement of blood circulation after exercise.

The foam roller can relieve muscle pain in the lower back and upper back, knees, and legs by vibration massage.

* Specifications:

Product name:Foam Roller Massage

Main material:EPP(Expanded polypropylene)



Package size:15x15x36cm

Power supply:rechargeable type, battery capacity 7.4V, 2200mAh

Charging time:about 3.5 hours

Charge and discharge possible return:about 360 times

Battery duration:180min(longest)/50min(shortest)

Fixed use time:about 10min

Vibration return:

-1:2300 back/min

-2:2700 back/min

-3:3100 back/min

-4:3700 back/min

Use ambient temperature:10℃~40℃