Transformer car flip-flop, all-terrain vehicle 2 in 1

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Lets take the remote control cars... or dirt driving to the next level...

The powerful off-road vehicle on the radio control Twisted Climber Legend Champion has 4x4 four-wheel drive and two motors on the front and rear axles. Thanks to this, he is able to overcome difficult obstacles and transform with just one click of a button. A fast car with a low stance turns into a powerful, tall SUV with a lot of traffic. And even if it turns over, it simply transforms into a car and drives on.

The Twisted Climber Legend Champion looks impressive - it has large spiked wheels, great detail and remote control with a remote control with lighting effects, can maneuver forward, backward, left and right, even on difficult, uneven surfaces. Both children and dads, and they buy a car even for girls, will be able to come up with a huge number of stories for the game on their own or in the company of friends.

This wonderful toy can keep anyone, even a child, even an adult, busy for a long time.


  • Two modes of operation: a car for high-speed driving and an SUV for overcoming obstacles
  • Soft, shock-absorbing, non-slip wheels
  • 20 minutes of non-stop driving on a single charge
  • Upside down movement
  • Not afraid of blows
  • Factory quality
  • Remote power supply from 2 AA batteries
  • 20 minutes of non-stop driving on a single charge

The Twisted Climber Legend Champion can handle almost all rough road conditions with ease. The universal powerful radio-controlled car will pleasantly surprise any child and even dad with its unique design and virtuoso transformations. Reliable large tread wheels of this powerful SUV are able to overcome any obstacle - from thresholds in an apartment to curbs in a city park. She also rides on rocks, sand, water and slides with an incline of up to 45 degrees.

The body of the toy is made of a combination of metal and impact-resistant plastic, which guarantees reliability and durability in use. Stylish design, bright colors and, of course, powerful wheels make the transforming car very attractive in the eyes of a child. And when he picks up the remote control, he will be able to convince himself of the excellent qualities of the jeep, which effortlessly overcomes off-road. Moreover, he can reach speeds of up to 15 kilometers per hour.


  • Control type: Radio control
  • Modes: Car and All-Terrain Vehicle
  • Engine type: Electric
  • Number of motors: Two
  • Drive: Full (4WD)
  • Speed: up to 15km / h
  • Radio control distance: up to 40m
  • Machine battery type: Ni-MH battery
  • Battery: 6V, 700mAh
  • Battery charging method: USB cord

Important: The machine is not particularly friendly with water. Driving through puddles is undesirable.