Pyraminx Rubix Pyramid Cube Stickerless Speed Cube 3x3x3

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Pyramid cube puzzle. Each Pyramid Stickerless Rubiks cube undergoes careful debugging before leaving thefactory, you can enjoy smooth speedy cubing.
A good pyramid Stickerless speed Cube has these characteristics: Mainstream size 98mm, Humanized design,Fast / Quick twisting and long time practice, Lighter weight 85g, Easy cutting and play more stable.
Pyramid triangle cube evolved new anti-pop structure, internal and external large rounded corners optimizeddesign, smooth and stable, more fault-tolerant, under the high-intensity test, it is still stable and doesnot fall apart.
Pyramid puzzle materials for ABS engineering plastics, impact resistance, lubrication performance is strong,without stickers, do not worry about the sticker off, normal use for more than 3 years no problem.
Perfect gift, Pyramid Magic cube 3x3 feel good, have fun, as a development of brain potential toys, bothkids and adults love it. Great as a Christmas / Birthday gift for friends, family, beginners andprofessional players.

Package includes
1 x Pyramid Speed Cube
The Pyramid Speed Cube is fit for all above aged 6 years old people and professional players.