Pretend Play Shopping Cart 41 pcs

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Let the little one go shopping any time!

All new Imported Shopping cart fruits and vegetables for Kids 41 pcs It's time to go shopping again! shopping will no longer be a chore Shopping trolley play set encourages children to enjoy 'grown up' pretend play Get involved in parent and child interaction with the shopping trolley play set Children can pretend to be doing the weekly shop whilst you tally up their bill with a makeshift till! Or even involving friends children will enjoy socializing with others. Complete with plastic shopping cart and of play food including fruit and vegetables and even some play milk cartons! with all the props required, children will spend hours playing with the shopping trolley play set!

  • GROCERY CART AND FOOD: This kids shopping cart used as a pretend food storage can be wheeled around to collect all the awesome food toys from the shelves… the fake food may even trick you!
  • DESIGN: This supermarket toy with a sturdy supermarket shopping cart and accompanied food toys for kids is well designed with children in mind
  • LEARNING TOOL: Kids learn quickly how to pick and choose their groceries as they are able to pick up their children's pretend food and store it in their supermarket trolley. The color and type of fruits and vegetables are randomly sent.
  • Warning:This toy please don't into his mouth, adults must be accompanied by the time a child at play.