Multi-function Piano Fitness Rack + Unicorn LED Light!

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We at Greatest Deals thrive on making our deals ever so irresistible this combo is an example of why we are the Greatest and will remain the Greatest ever!!

What You Get!!

Piano Rack:

Why you should get the "Multi-function Piano Fitness Rack" for your bundle of joy!?

Intelligence Development:

Color recognition

  • The cognition of different colors and shapes

Resistant to play

  • A multi-functional piano fitness frame that will last the baby up until 18 months old

Promotes Muscle Development

  • The baby can lie either on their stomach or back whilst tapping on the piano keys as well as touch the pendant which will promote muscle development of the arms and legs

Hand and Eye Coordination

  • From six months old most babies can sit and play with the hanging ring bell, this will assist in training with the grasping capability and flexibility of the babies small hands.

Auditory development

  • When the bay taps on the piano keys it will send out the different sounds of music and thus helps stimulate the babies hearing senses!
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LED Unicorn Light:

The little one afraid of the boggy man?? This cost effective portable bedside lamp will keep all the gremlins away!!

Features and Benefits:

  • LED night light
  • Battery operated
  • Works with 3 LR44 batteries included
  • Battery provides lightfor a total of approximately 20 hours
  • Made from PVC, free from BPA,
  • LED light remains cool to the touch

Available in Blue White & Pink! Please choose a colour on check out!