Cube (Euclidean) 4IN1 Geometry Infinity Fidget

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If you thought that the spinning fidget was amazing you need to try or see this....Euclidean Cube 4IN1 geometric magic transforming cube, which doubles up as puzzle. It does not matter how old or young you are the Euclidean cube will not only relive stress or just to pass time this is the Fidget for you.

What you must know:

  • The Euclidean Cube is a magnetic geometric puzzle that can be transformed between different shapes. There are more than 70 distinct shapes that the Euclidean Cube can be transformed into.
  • Amongst the above stated exists 6 major shapes namely 1. Cube 2. Star 3. Hive 4. UFO 5. Sphere 6. Half Dome
  • 1 Euclidean Cube can be transformed into more than 64 different distinct shapes. Each of these can be used as a block to create sculptures of a higher complexity.
  • The more Euclidean Cubes you have the more the complicated the shapes. You don`t believe us have a look at the video.....Once you have one you won`t put it down we guarantee!!