Egg Storage Box With Lid (30)

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This egg storage organizer container can hold up to 34 eggs. Keep every piece of your eggs intact and fresh with this home basic fridge bin.

The egg tray is compact and stackable, can save a lot of space in the fridge, organize your refrigerator and no flimsy egg cartons will be left in the fridge.

The dust-proof container with a lid is suitable for a fridge, freezer, pantry, kitchen cabinets, camping and picnics. With its special design for deviled eggs, prevent these tasty foods from tainting or losing original flavors.

Thanks to its cover with special lock system, it prevents the eggs from getting air and keeps their freshness longer.

* You can use it safely for years and keep it in your refrigerator without hesitation.

* It can be washed in the dishwasher.

* It has a capacity of 30 Eggs.