Drone Cx42 3d Control Controller, Super Novel

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Time to take the game outside with the Drone Cx42 .... easy and fun to control, has 360 degree rotation, long frequency, has a control that fits your hand, battery life from 15 to 20 min, ** ( Approx: these values ​​may change according to use and demand in flight) ** and led lights, and has an altitude of 30 meters.

-Rechargeable, lightweight and compact
-Remote control that works with 3 AAA batteries.
-Nice design with LED lights on the sides and on the back
-Easy to take with you everywhere.
-Control it with the movement of your hand adjusting it to the palm, let it fly wherever you want
-Reach an altitude of 30 meters,
-Excellent to fly in open spaces,
-Recommended for over 14 years. 

This is for keeps!