Dr Rashel 24K Whitening Day Cream.30g

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24K Gold collagen whitening day cream. Moisturizes. Brightens. Shrinks pores. Promotes cell regeneration. Tightens skin and wrinkles. Repairs and nourishes. 30g


Effectively improve the skin around the eye blood circulation, promote cell regeneration,
tighten slack skin around the eyes , wrinkle lines to eliminate dark circles, eye contour effectively ,
his eyes bright and moving.This product is commonly used and effective anti-wrinkle wrinkles ,
and repair, nourishing effect , suitable for all skin types.


Brand Name:DR.RASHEL
Product Name: 24K Gold Collagen Whitening Cream
Shelf Life:3years
Net Volume:30g
Moisturizing,Whitening,Hydrating,Pores Shrinking,Anti-aging