Ceramic 4 Piece Bathroom Set Black & White

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Ceramic 4 Piece Bathroom Set

What You Get

The ideal set for the immaculate organizing of the common items in the bathroom.Decorative, elegant and easily washable, this set is ready for immediate personal use or as a gift. Approximately Measured) The Soap Dispenser: 6.3″x4.5″x3.5″, 13.5oz/ The Toothbrush Holder: 4.1″x3.5″x3.3″/ The Tumbler: 4.3″x3.1″x2.4″, 8.5oz/ The Soap Dish: 5.1″x3.7″x1.3″. Brighten and enhance your bathroom sink with this elegant white ceramic bathroom accessory set.

This is the ultimate Gift!

What You Get

-x1 Soap dispenser

-x1 Toothbrush holder

-x1 Soap dish

-x1 Tumbler holder.