Cards Against Muggles Full Set

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Are you a fan of Harry Potter here is the game that will make you re-live the movies Cards Against Muggles!

  • Total 1359 cards, including 900 white cards and 459 black cards for maximum replayability.
  • Great for parties, providing much fun to you and fulfill hours of entertainment
  • A must have for all Harry Potter fans with an evil sense of humor.
  • This game is strictly suitable for adult players(over the age of 18) only.
  • This evil fun card game includes hilarious phrases you like
  • "Snape found... the drunken house elves... disturbing but charming"
  • "I’m sorry Professor, but I can’t finish my homework because I am... Debbie spanked with socks,
  • "Tri Wizard Championship is finally banned... embrace the Dark Lord as a mission"
  • This game is only for adult players, so believe me, you don't want to take it out at any family gathering.