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Bessey® High-performance clamp SGU, U-shaped

Order number: SGU30-14-10

Bessey® High-performance clamp
SGU, U-shaped



The U-shaped fixed arm is produced and tempered from a single piece, thus very torsion-resistant. This guarantees you maximum tensile strength and sturdiness.

The heat-resistant pressure plate (SGU/STBU) is replaceable and can be tilted up to 35° so it can even clamp on angled or sloping surfaces. It has an extremely long service-life due to the oil-soaked sintered steel insert's excellent sliding and emergency running properties.

The sliding arm is made from forged tempered steel, and can withstand extremely large loads. You can be sure of that.

The tempered spindle is particularly sturdy and wear-resistant. This considerably increases its durability.

The sturdy tommy bar has special rounded hand-friendly ends, as well as a hexagonal bolt. This allows powerful, controlled clamping.