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Bessey® K Body REVO Parallel clamp KRE 800 x 95mm

Order number: KRE80-2K

K Body REVO Parallel clamp KRE



Workpieces with sensitive surfaces can be clamped and spread exactly parallel to each other – even behind and on the side of the rail.

Corners, recessed edges, pointed and round surfaces can also be perfectly aligned.

The clamping surfaces are extremely large and have a total of three removable pressure caps that are repellent to glue.

The rail is resistant to paint, glue and grease solvents when the workpiece supports are fitted.

The metal-reinforced plastic housing optimized with the rail ensures double slide protection. It holds the clamp reliably with the set clamping force and prevents any unintentional slipping of the sliding arm.

The 2-component symmetrical plastic handle is fitted with a hexagon socket, which allows an additional clamping force of up to 8.000 N possible when a max. of 17 Nm torque is applied.

An enormous number of possible applications are available when fitted with the optional accessories:

  • KRE-VO - Variable jaw
  • KP - Framing set
  • KR-AS - Tilting clamp adaptor
  • KBX20 - Clamp extender
  • TK6 - Table clamp